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Country Garden announced that it will enter the robotics industry and will develop various robots


Recently, Country Garden, the largest real estate group in China, announced that it would enter the field of robotics. It is reported that in July this year, the Park registered the establishment of Bozhilin Robot Company, and decided to take robots as the core technology, around the entire core technology industry of robots to expand, research and development of a variety of robots.

In the direction of Country Garden robots are mainly built around real estate to create various lines.

Country Garden has established the core business of robots, namely home service robots, medical robots, agricultural robots, construction robots, factory intelligent manufacturing solutions, research and development of core components. It can be seen that these are the key services around the real estate, and in this respect, the Park has a wealth of experience and professional technology accumulation, which is a major manifestation of the wisdom of the Park.

In the way, Country Garden mainly adopts three ways to realize the robot strategy.

One is to invest in M&A. Prickly Garden is looking for valuable companies all over the world to cooperate or merge with these companies, or to support the development of these excellent enterprises by mergers and acquisitions, capital injection and so on.

The second is cooperation with schools and enterprises. The strength of universities in robot research and development can not be ignored a force, with their strength will bring a strong boost to the Park. At present, Country Garden has cooperated with many famous universities at home and abroad in robotics, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, research and development of core components.

The third is to build an independent R & D department. Two R&D departments, intelligent manufacturing department and intelligent technology research institute, have been set up inside the Park. Intelligent manufacturing mainly aims at the intelligent transformation of existing factories of the Park Group, and provides intelligent production solutions for SSGF construction technology. The Institute of Intelligent Technology is currently focusing on robotic restaurants and is laying out other core businesses.